90 Days

90 Days You have 90 days to make a lasting change or there will be no change at all. Can you remember the last 90 days? What were you doing 90 days ago that you aren’t doing today? Here’s the truth, 90 days of work will get you ready for the next 90 days. You […]


Survival Forget the traditional ideas about survival, Bear Grylls in Man vs. Wild eating something nasty just to get a meal. Or the show Survivor. Think survival in life, your life. You have made it this far but could it be different? Could you thrive instead of just survive? Now ask yourself are you a […]

No Way Out

No Way Out Imagine your perfect life. What are the details, do you have a smile on your face? Can you feel the happiness and the fire burning bright within you? Then it happens you run into an obstacle, now what? Do you instantly get discouraged, looking for a way out taking you away from […]

How To Be Brave

How To Be Brave Imagine, You’re about to go out on stage in front of an unknown number of people. You say to yourself Be Brave. You feel anxious, excited, your heart is beating louder and louder. You say it again be brave. What if I forget everything I was supposed to say? What if […]

Your Team and How To Always Be Ready

Your Team and How To Always Be Ready Have you ever had a bad day? A day where you’re just off your game. You’re right there it’s all about to work out and then boom it just doesn’t. This is where your team comes in, they are the ones you look to. If your down, […]

Leading or Being Led

Leading or Being Led There are two possible scenarios of leadership that everyone, even you are in right now. Either your leading or being led. In fact, no one is ever not in one of these scenarios. If you live by yourself or in a huge family, there is a leader in your life. If […]

4 Steps To Effective Leadership

4 Steps To Effective Leadership Operations officer, CEO, Vice President, Chief of Staff, Director of Human Resources, Manager, etc. These are all titles I’m sure you have all seen before. Some of you may even have held or hold one of these titles currently. These titles mean nothing, absolutely nothing if you are unable to […]

How To Conquer Your Fear

How To Conquer Your Fear What if I told you fear is a result of a lack of knowing? You may want to know the outcome but obviously, you can’t predict the future so you are in fear of moving forward. Maybe you never learned to ride a bike so you are scared to get […]

5 Steps To Living Your Life and STOP Going Through The Motions

5 Steps To Living Your Life and STOP Going Through The Motions 5 things that’s it, just 5 steps to living your life and stop going through the motions. These 5 things will get you into the flow of your own life and bring a smile back to your face. I’m talking about being happy […]


Meditate What’s the first thing you picture when you hear the word meditate or meditation? A guy or gal sitting legs crossed peacefully with no distractions? Maybe you think of all the spiritual people from faraway lands that seem to always be happy walking around in robes. Whatever your perception is of meditation or the […]