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Rhico Cecala

You Found Me

You may have found me, and you may think this is all about being a SEAL.

It's not.

I'm not just a SEAL. I'm a husband, father, brother, pack leader, business owner, and here for you. I learned a lot from my time in the teams but it's not about my journey.

It's about your journey.

You found this because your looking for someone and something to guide you to where you have always wanted to go.

Going a Bit Deeper

Look I’m Not Perfect I have had my share of issues, PTSD, TBI, countless loved ones lost, seeing humanity at its worst, treated like shit, not realizing my worth, fighting to the top, relationship problems, business failure, business success, job loss, scraping by, injuries physical and mental.

Most importantly I’m everything that makes me(Rico) First and a SEAL second. I learned a lot and had some of the best times of my life in the SEAL Teams. But it was only a blip on the screen to what is my life.

My life is not perfect and I believe you will never grow if it is perfect and comfortable. I’m unapologetic about my life. Just like everyone, I made my choices and am working to balance my karma.

I will be transparent with you, humble and honest. This is not a one stop shop fix everything. I have built the tools necessary to build your foundation and create a path for your success.

Nothing about me has anything to do with beating my chest, telling you how badass I’m or that waking up at a certain time, doing 1 million pushup, etc. is going to make the difference.

Because the fact is everyone is different, the courses I have created give you the tools necessary to conquer your personal obstacles, and succeed.

If this resonates, I look forward to working with you. You will not regret it.

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